How to pick the right shoes and jeans

Jeans are the in things to wear.

They will never go out of style. In fact, designers are making new types of jeans, flares, tight, straight cuts. It has been said that if you wear a heel it needs to cover all of your heels. Trends change and now denims can be rolled up to show the entire shoe or heel. Is your favorite jeans a pair of skinny jeans? Match these jeans with a flat or ballerina flats. These shoes come in many colors and are comfortable. 


Another kind of shoe that is used to make you seem taller are pumps. When you have Boot cut jeans, pumps or sandals which have a pointed toe may create extra length and they also are great with your boot cut jeans.

Platforms, flat boots

Wearing a flared jeans can go well with platforms or flat boots. Sneakers can also be employed for this type of jeans.

If you can wear skinny jeans, why not flaunt them. Use boots that are knee high for this type of jean. You do not have to only use these jeans in winter; you can wear them in spring also. If you use the knee-high boots they can add length to your legs and decrease the worry that your legs may be short.

Canvas sneakers

Even wearing regular-cut jeans can look great with a pair of canvas sneakers that you have slipped on. You just have them in your wardrobe and they are comfortable and chic all at the same time. You can just wear this out during the peak subway surfers hour and it’ll look chic and gorgeous!

Dress up your knee-length jeans with wedge shoes. This type of shoe is already the rage in fashion. You should have a pair of these shoes in your cupboard if you want to be in style. They come in many colors so buy a few pairs.

They also add to your height, so if you are short don’t worry.

Boots, flat shoes

When you turn up your jeans, which are in vogue, these short jeans can use many different types of shoes. Ankle boots, or just any shoes which sit under the hem of the jeans. If you are daring, roll the jeans up and flaunt your shoe.

If you wear high waisted jeans or straight legged, you can wear two or three-inch heels. These types of jeans do not look good with flat shoes.

Be in the know when it comes to your footwear. Wearing skinny jeans you can also pair them with a pair of high street shoes. Maybe you rather have a flat dressy looking loafer to keep your look balanced. Whatever types of jeans you choose, you’ll be in style by choosing the right footwear. Try different types of shoes for your jeans and see what you like. Try different types of shoes for different looks and see what makes you comfortable and fashionable. It’s all about you and keeping you in fashion. These are highlights and suggestions for you to stay chic.