Sandals are a good investment for a variety of good reasons. One is they’re extremely comfortable to wear. Another is they’re versatile that they can work with virtually all types of outfits, whether for day or night out. And it’s great for long hours of wearing!

There are staggering choices in sandals to date. To help you narrow down choices easily, here’s a sandals buying guide to keep in mind.

Know where to wear the sandals

Think about your planned activity in which you plan to wear the sandals. Is it for hiking, walking or kicking back at the camp? Are you looking for the best walking sandals for travel? Whatever the activity, there’s a sandal to match your needs.

For hiking, strappy sandals will do the trick. The straps should wrap around the heel and snugly fit around the foot to stay put on all types of terrain. For more rugged and demanding hikes, sandals with stiff midsoles are your best bet.

Alternatively, you could opt for closed-toe sandals if you’re craving for ultimate toe protection. Not just for hiking, these sandals make great foot protectors for fording fast waterflow where bashing your feet on the rocks is more likely to occur.

Select a material

A good quality sandal should protect your feet from injury brought about by debris, sharp rocks, and other obstructions along the way. If you’re bound to step on mud and wet areas, a pair of sandals with hard rubber construction is a good companion. If you’re going up a mountain, choose sandals with a back strap and a deep tread that will outlast you on steep slopes and balance-challenging surfaces. The upper portion, including straps, should be crafted from breathable and durable materials such as polyurethane or nylon webbing.

Choose a heel

If you’re okay with heels, a little bit of height won’t hurt. As a matter of fact, it’s actually healthier to switch from one shoe height to another every day. If you want to look a little more dressy, wedge sandals will do the trick.